A Mile in My Flip-Flops - Melody Carlson So my library recently upgraded their software for their website. While it was down we could not reserve books on-line to be transferred to your branch for pick-up. So, after I finished my last audiobook I had to look at what was on the shelves for a new book to listen to in the car. This book looked cute, funny and a good lighthearted read for the daily commute. Instead, it was painful. To borrow from another reviewer, the author also writes children's books and it is apparent in the minute detail that takes place in each scene. Not only are we told what the character wants to go do, we are then given a step by step of how to acheive this action, then she will even discuss it with any characters in scene with her. Ever want a step by step discription of buying a home, bypass heart surgery or home renovations? Then this is the book for you. It was like the author went out and researched what could go wrong in a home renovation and included every possible situation that an inexperienced home flipper might encounter and included every single one. Also, who would ever wear flip flops in a construction zone??? So of course, we had to have that be an issue as well. I know a lot of reviewers enjoyed this book, but for me, it was too slow, too detailed (and not on the good action scenes, but in daily obscure activities) and too predictable.