Storm Front - Jim Butcher I listened to the audiobook version of this read by James Marsters, that was a definite plus. I enjoyed the story, though Harry's sarcasm got to be a bit much for me from time to time. I don't often read books with a male lead so that may have been a bit of the problem for me. The plot was good, the action kept building to a big finish. So often you can figure out where a book is taking you, and I was pleasantly surprised for it not to be the case in this story. A while back I read a novella for the Dresden Files, further along in the series. It will be interesting to see how Harry and Murphy's relationship develops after the damage that was inflicted upon it in this book. I think I will continue with this series, especially with James Marsters narrating the series, it makes for a pleasant start to my day on my drive in to work.