Kitty Takes a Holiday - Carrie Vaughn After listening to book two on CD, reading three was a bit different because in my head, Kitty now sounds like the narrator of book two. That was strage since the narrator of the book sounded much older to me than I had imagined Kitty sounding originally. In this book, Kitty has halted work on her radio show and is staying in a small town to work on her memoir. It begins with her spending increasing time as her wolf, a dangerous thing for her humanity. Cormac soon shows up from a hunt he had Ben help him with, bringing a werewolf bitten Ben to Kitty for care. Things change a lot in all of their lives in this book, both relationships and life circumstances. When Cormac and Ben had come across the wolf Cormac had been hired to kill, there was a second, much different wolf in addition to the first. Cormac had been unable to move while looking at this second wolf's eyes. Nearby, Kitty begins to have strange things happen outside the home where she is staying. After Cormac and Ben's arrival, things get much darker in the area. In addition to helping Ben control his wolf, they must also take care of the threat in the area. I enjoyed this book as much as the other two, possibly more because Kitty was forced to become a bit stronger and deal with a possible relationship.