Promises to Keep - Jane Green, Cassandra Campbell I have always liked Jane Green's novel, but this is the third in a row that I have absolutely loved. This change in characters and story is just wonderful. The books I read before were more centered on one young female character. These last few I read have centered in the Connecticut and Maine areas, with several intertwining characters and stories. The characters are so rich and so real. In this book, we learn about Callie, a gloriously happy married mother of two. Callie is a breast cancer survivor, her illness making her already good marriage stronger and more loving. Callie is not a society wife, but involved immensely with her children's and friends' lives. Her sister Stephi is much more free spirited and easy going. Her boyfriends and jobs never last long. She is given an opportunity to live for a year in a lovely home near her sister. Callie's best friend is Lila, a woman secure in her slightly round figure and frizzy hair. Lila has met the love of her life, if only he didn't have a horrible ex-wife who uses their son against him constantly interrupting Lila's plans with him. The way Jane Green builds her characters, their lives around them, their heartbreak, their joy, pulls me in everytime. I love the details and richness of the stories.