Hard Bitten  - Chloe Neill First let me preface this review with the fact that Chicagoland Vampires was my favorite series leading into this book, with Mercy Thompson a very close second. I finished Hard Bitten about 20 minutes ago and my mind is still realing. WTF CN? Why would you do that? I have read other reviews and see that she tells us to trust her, but until Drink Deep comes out in November, CV has taken and fast slide down my list of favs in series. I love Merit. I love her friends, both mortal and immortal. The characters in this book are so much fun to read. I usually reread my favorite three or four series again and again, but I don't know if I can do that again with this series.

This book just left me feeling disappointed. The mystery of the book I felt was too quickly wrapped up. The mystery of who was truly the villian almost seemed obvious about half-way through the book. The ending, I am just ticked off, I feel worn out. I know how I want it to work out, but just don't see how that would be possible. I feel stunned and exhausted. I will try my best to trust CN until November, but it will be a long six months.