Sins of the Flesh - Eve Silver This was the story of Mal, a soul reaper, and Calliope, both characters we had seen in the previous stories. In this book we get closer to Sutekh's three sons finding their brothers remains to try to bring him back to life. Calliope, like the mates of his two brothers, is also a daughter of Aset, who has grown up with an immense hatred of the soul reapers. As the two of them get wrapped up in finding clues and witnesses to Lokan's death, they begin to feel a connection that neither expected. I previously thought there were never any great suprises in this series, but this third installment did just that. The obstacles both characters faced, with success was fun to read. The Otherkin books are an enjoyable read. With only one book left of the series, I will definitely finish it out to see how everything turns out for Lokan.