Lover Reborn - J.R Ward I cannot tell you how much I was dreading reading this book. I checked it out months ago in hardback from the library and it just sat on my shelf. Since it came on in pb and the price went down I bought it for kindle and thought I would finally fight through the story of Tohr and No'One. I have to say I was greatly suprised. As expected I cried. I cried a lot as Tohr struggled with letting Wellsie go. I am a cryer. I cry during books almost weekly. I cry during tv shows (but never commercials, the Folgers commercials never got me, I at least have to be vested in the characters to cry)
No'One's character has always annoyed me. It drove me crazy that she was was submissive to everyone else, so I was happy to see her grow through this book. As always I was both happy and frustrated to see the side stories. I loved the Xhex and John Matthew storyline as sad as it was, it was great that Lassiter was back and in this story so much, his humor and presence is always fun. I was frustrated by the Xcor and Throe bits and the other characters they involved, and I just want the Qhuinn and Blay stuff to move along already. Luckily this last storyline was the smallest of the three subplots or it would have been even more frustrating.
I loved seeing Tohr and No'One move on and grow together. I was suprised how much I loved this story, and reminded again how much I love this series.