Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh I finished this book in bed last night and had trouble trying to go to sleep after. I LOVED this book! Throughout the series I have gone back and forth on my feelings about Hawke, but mostly I have liked him and his playfullness with Sascha. Sienna on the other hand, I felt like I never got to know her much. Then this book started and Sienna had this big horrible Psy power that had never been elaborated on too much before and it didn't look good. I found parts of the book frustrating, otherwise it would have had 5 stars. Hawke bringing in the other woman to help with his frustrations was especially irritating. The side story of Walker and Lara was also enjoyable. I was wondering how all three Lauren family adults being involved with SnowDancers would affect the LaurenNet, so that added and interesting devlopment to their story. I definitely enjoy the books with shifters involved along with the psy rather than the psy only stories.