Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, #9) - Keri Arthur I had absolutely no idea I was reading the final book in the series, really this was an all new low for me. I love my kindle, adore the ease of carrying it around with me and the anonymity of some of my more crazy covers that my books have, but I have to say there is a serious drawback with rarely seeing your book title :D

Reading this, not knowing it was the final book, makes it interesting to look back on. In ways I love how she wrapped up the series. In others, I feel it left us hanging. I have already put in a request for the spin-off series at the library, but I know it takes place years in the future so I am waiting to see what it is like.

The main plot to this story had an interesting take on it, revenge killing for hires of ex-cons recently released from prison. Riley then is also kidnapped and has her memory erased, all she can remember is a voice telling her that this is her last week on earth. As she starts to solve a murder that ends up being part of the above case, her memories start to return and what really matters to her in life becomes more and more clear as the book comes to an end. There was good wrap up of several of the storylines that existed throughout the books. I know I'm not the pickiest reader, but I really enjoyed this entire series. I loved Rhoan and Liander, and even got to the point that I liked Quinn quite a bit. Riley isn't my favorite lead female, but I really enjoyed her.