Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Carrie Vaughn It had been a while since I read a Kitty book. It was great to get back into Kitty's world amd get reacquainted with her and Ben. After finding out her mother was possibly diagnosed with cancer, Kitty and Ben returned to Denver for her to be near her family. Kitty and Ben were forced to explore if their relationship was only based on their lycanthropy, or if they truly cared about each other. While in Denver, vampire polictics come to a head and Kitty must choose sides rather than avoid the conflict completely.

I was happy to see how this book wrapped up after all the politics that went on during it. This book resolved a lot of past issues for Kitty. It also propelled her and Ben forward a bit. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading Kitty and I'm anxious to read the next book.