Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton I know I am one of the few people that have stuck with the series this long, but I have been able to deal with Anita and the ardeur. I actually liked some of the recent relationship storylines, minus some of the endless sex scenes, more than some of the procedural crime stories of the early books. This book was a bit more of a blend of the two. I am getting tired though of the cops in each town Anita visits judging her for sleeping with the monsters. This time there was one in particular that seemed to hold a grudge, the characters made it clear he definitely had a problem with ther, and then it was never explained what that problem was. That and the resolution to the big bad evil of the last few books was what knocked the stars down for me on this one. Here she has been fighting the Harlequinn and how powerful they are and in one short scene it all comes to an end, what??? All in all though, I enjoyed it, I know I am rare, but I do still enjoy these books, even though parts, Olaf, and the angry cops especially, bug the crud out of me.