Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville I've had this book on hand for a while and hadn't gotten around to reading it due to my ereader breaking, and then waiting to get it transfered to my kindle. I think also part of me worried it wouldn't live up to how great I had heard it was. Though I wouldn't say this is the greatest book I have ever read, it is definitely up towards the top. The characters were good and the story was different, which was a wonderful change.

I had a few issues with it though, some of the story bits just seemed off, like when D starts having feelings for Jack, it sort of just comes out of the blue since D has not been described as ever having had feelings for a man before. It was a bit abrupt to me, but then, there is more elaboration before the love story proceeds too much. The other thing I had a little trouble with is D's grammar. At times it is jarring to read after reading Jack's language and the words of the story, but I know it is essential to D's character. The accent is a part of who he is, it would just pull me out of the story at times.

Despite this though, I did love this story. So often in romances, m/m or m/f, there is such a contrived storyline that you can predict the journey, from beginning to end of, but with this book there was drama that was never too predictable, a good resolution at the end, and a wonderfully sweet epilogue. I saw that there was more stories of Jack and D on her website and I will definitely check them out.