Feed - Mira Grant First I have to say I don't like zombie books, I have never been able to read or finish one before this. On the other hand, they are just about all that my husband reads. When he read this trilogy he kept telling me that I needed to read it, how good it was, and how it wasn't too much about the zombies. On one hand, I agree, though the zombies are definitely a major plot point, the book focuses more on how Georgia and her brother Shaun are bloggers in the world after the infection. How they have grown up only knowing life after the outbreak, and how news and culture is today. Georgia, or George, Shaun, their partner Buffy, and their other team member Rick, are following the campaign trail of Senator Ryman as he tries for the Republican candidacy for US President. He is the first candidate to allow bloggers to follow his campaign and it is a huge deal for the blogging team to get picked as his media team. As things begin to go wrong on the campaign trail, the bloggers realize there is much more at stake than ratings and have to decide if their lives are worth exposing what is going on. This was a great book, sad in a lot of places, but really an interesting concept and I am glad I read it. I will definitely have to read the other two, but at home since I cried a bit in the first one.