Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley This was a new to me author. I had picked up the pb of this book a few years ago before I got my kindle, then never got around to reading it, until I checked it out from the library to read on my kindle. In this series, shifters have come out to humans. To control the shifters behavior, human have insisted they wear collars that keep them from outbursts of anger, violence and even adrenaline. If these emotions occur, the shifter experiences pain throughout their nervous systems. The book begins with human attorney Kim Fraser heading to meat shifter Liam Morrissey to discuss the case of her shifter client Brian. Brian is the first shifter in the 20 years that shifters have been collared to be accused of violence against humans, in this case, killing his girlfriend. As Kim and Liam work together, Liam begins to feel a pull toward Kim that he has never felt for any woman before, especially not a human. As Pack and Pride politics are dealt with Kim realizes there are much more to Shifters than many humans realize.

I loved this book. It was a quick read, full of action and good romance plot line. I will definitely be reading more of the series, and glad that I have several more books to read before I am all caught up.