Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs I absolutely love this series. I got a chance to go see Patricia sign books in Seattle on the release date of this book, where she read from this book and did some Q&A. Besides my complete inability to speak to her when she was signing my book, it was a wonderful experience. To hear her read the book was fantastic, though, I realized I read a few of the names wrong all these years, like Asil. She read the first chapter written from Adam's point of view and I loved hearing her read his pov in his wolf form.

This was another wonderful installment to the series. I loved Fair Game and wondered how the events of that book would affect this next Mercy book. One of the topic Patty discussed at the book signing was how the Mercy books are always much more Mercy centric, whereas Alpha and Omega books tend to tackle world events so it was interesting to read this story going in with that outlook. She was able to keep that same concept while still dealing with the events of Fair Game. Patricia Briggs continues to be my #1 favorite author. I love her books, and now I absolutely adore her too!